Dr. Simon SHEN

GLOS Founder – Dr. Simon SHEN

Graduated from University of Oxford and Yale University, Dr. Simon SHEN is one of the few international relations scholars originating from Hong Kong who earned both international recognition and local prominence. As one of the most prolific scholars in the rank of associate professorship, he has published more than 70 academic articles and publications including 13 articles in leading SSCI journals such as China Quarterly (twice), China Review, Journal of Contemporary China, Pacific Affairs, Pacific Review, Asian Survey, among others. Invited to serve as visiting fellows by leading global think tanks like the Brookings Institution and the University of Warwick’s Center of Globalisation and Regionalisation, his scholarship on contemporary anti-Western Chinese nationalism and its online format has gained worldwide attention and made him one of the most interviewed Hong Kong scholars by overseas media. In the domestic society he is regarded as one of the most representative scholars in the younger generation due to his active participation in public affairs as a public intellectual and a think tanker. Despite his young age, he has served as a part-time member of the Central Policy Unit of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is appointed to serve in various official consultation committees by the government and is invited as a member of the official delegation to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing.

Seen as a key selling point in the marketing exercise of various teaching programmes that he is involved, he has taught a wide-range of courses in the field of international relations, comparative politics, globalization, developmental studies and political science, and also has handled various administrative duties. Resourceful and well connected, he has successful funding records of both Research Grant Council application and fund raising from global foundation and private corporations. Energetic, committed and innovative, he is always eager to take initiative to propose and develop new programmes such as the International Relations Research Programme and Master of Global Political Studies Programme of CUHK, Social Science Mentorship Programme of the Hong Kong Institute of Education and various public education programmes for the civil society. He is still in his early 30s and is looking forward to work with and to learn from all future colleagues.

GLOS 創辦人 – 沈旭暉博士

「國際視野與任何民族、本土身份都不應抵觸,只是一體兩面。要一個地方產生國際視野,必須讓國際視野滲入一般人的日常生活。」 - 沈旭暉博士

沈旭暉博士為香港國際關係學者,現為香港中文大學社會科學院副教授及香港中文大學香港亞太研究所國際事務研究中心聯席主席,《信報》主筆 (國際)。沈旭暉博士的研究方向為中國民族主義外交、國際反恐、中美關係、香港涉外關係等,不少其學術論文刊於知名國際學術期刊如China Quarterly, China Review, Journal of Contemporary China, Pacific Affairs, Pacific Review, Asian Survey等。在學術論文以外,沈旭暉博士也為本地、中國及國際報章雜誌撰寫國際關係評論,亦曾先後出訪美國智庫布魯金斯學會、英國華威大學及新加坡國立大學作訪問學人。