Lighting Up the Dream of Glocal Community

While people could live without borders in the age of globalization, they sometimes find themselves as a rootless sojourner without home, a lone wanderer without light. The idea of global citizenship is rather a fragmented catchphrase with little essence, giving global citizens no identity.

GLOS believes the Glocal Community, the home for every global citizen, should rest on a shared global culture with distinctive local values – a united yet diversified glocal vision.

As a glocal living office which covers everyday global insights to every bits personal lifestyle, GLOS aims to construct a genuine glocal community with unity and diversity: A glocal community with shared global vision, commitment and destiny, A glocal community with diversified identities, values and insights.

With different GLOWorkshops (GLOWs), GLOS wishes to light up the dream of a genuine glocal community, and construct a hub of different glocal ideas, and a home for global citizenship.